What can Horizon Designs do for your business?

Staying in sync with your customers is what the business world strives for everyday.  At Horizon Designs we offer full service solutions. Using your concepts we design products for retail, OEM, marketing and promotion.  If you need just a few products or a million, we have a solution.

We deliver cutting edge creative solutions keeping your business competitive in today’s marketplace.



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At HDI we strive to provide a community that is centered on people and solutions.  The people that work at Horizon understand that your business requires the right products and services at the right time.  We work hard to ensure you get that.  We ask ourselves “How can we add value for our customer, for the product and packaging, and for the service?”  Our goal is doing all we can to help you achieve your goals!



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About Horizon Designs Inc.


Founded in 1982, Horizon Designs’ business ethics and commitment to the customer have made it a premier marketing, design and manufacturing source company.  We handle everything from concept to design and packaging to marketing with dependable compliant off-shore manufacturing.

Product Development

Employing the best allows Horizon Designs to keep up with current trends. Our design team is comprised of people with diversified product knowledge in a wide range of materials, textiles, patterns and mold processes and graphic design gurus. These creatives work hard to give you a fresh and unique design every time.  Working closely with the sales department, they ensure that your fresh new design is exactly what you want.  The team’s years of experience guarantees you a quick and painless journey from start to finish.

High Quality Products

Horizon Designs’ product quality sets us apart.  You can always count on Horizon Designs for fast, unique and high quality items at a competitive price.  We have an expansive selection of diversified product.  If you have a need we have a solution!

Our Clientele

Horizon Designs, markets and manufactures for some very exciting businesses.  We work with the top entertainment businesses, advertising agencies, publishers, theme restaurants, corporations and major retailers. Though our business runs with small-town ethics, our product is competitive with big-city corporations throughout the world.


At Horizon Designs we have over 30 years of experience in importing, working with customers routing guides and corporate compliance including EDI. Our compliance department is constantly monitoring new testing requirements and USA and EURO regulations.  We ensure your products meet all Federal, State, and local regulations, rules and ordinances, plus all applicable industry safety guidelines.


We can manage your product delivery direct from the factory to your door or your chosen Country and Port of Entry.  You can depend on our years of shipping knowledge and delivery!

Do Business With Us

When you need a team with top marketing, design and manufacturing skills, call or e-mail Horizon Designs.  Our continued success allows us to keep expanding into new product arenas and we can be relied on to produce quality products that are creative and ahead of the trends. Our reputation is built on creative product, communication, dependability and delivery!

Horizon Designs.  Expect the Best.



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